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About PQ, Inc.

As a family owned business, PQ, Inc. has been privileged to gain four generations of tool making experience. This experience along with the determination to constantly improve is what makes us Proactive Quality.

Our roots begin in the 1950's when Roscoe Cox began work as a pattern maker. His son followed in his footsteps as a toolmaker in Detroit, eventually moving to Kentucky and starting his own shop in 1988.


PQ, Inc. has the equipment and capability to design, build, and certify a multitude of tooling needs. Designs  are done by a team using custom CAD software. Once designed, the CNC machine shop handles the manufacturing of the product. Our quality engineer proves the accuracy of the work with our DCC-CMM's which pull nominal data directly from the CAD model.


Like any successful business, we are growing and changing. Each day we strive towards the goal of complete automation- an idea we've embraced called Lights out Manufacturing (LOM). Along the way to this destination, we are able to apply the bits and pieces of the LOM puzzle to making better products in quicker fashion.

Better Everyday

A major part of our success is what goes on behind the scenes. We ask the question every day, "Is there a better way to do this?" Our focus is a  constant improvement of anything that impacts our quality, cost, or delivery time. We use process convention, software, and robotics to find solutions to problems like repetition and human error.

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