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About PQ, Inc.

Welcome to PQ, Inc., where generations of passion meet proactive quality. Established in 1998, we are a family-driven organization with a rich heritage spanning four generations. Our deep-rooted commitment to precision, innovation, and customer service sets us apart in the gauge and fixture industry.

Our Mission and Values

At PQ, our mission is clear: to become the foremost authority in gauges and fixtures while providing unparalleled customer service and delivering the highest quality standards. Our values are reflected in our name—Proactive Quality. We embody proactivity by continuously refining our internal systems and processes, ensuring that our business evolves and grows alongside our customers' needs. With over 25 years of investment, we've developed our own ERP/CAD/CAM system, integrating over 500,000 lines of code to streamline workflows and automate critical processes.

A Legacy of Dedication

Our team members are an integral part of the PQ family. Many have been with us since our inception, demonstrating unwavering dedication and expertise. Their commitment to our shared vision fuels our drive to exceed expectations.

Unrivaled Service

What truly sets PQ, Inc. apart is our commitment to service excellence. We've built a reputation for responsiveness, often making quick-turnaround or even same-day changes and fixes to accommodate our customers' evolving requirements. Our customer-centric approach ensures that your needs are met promptly and effectively.

Serving North America with a Focus on Proximity

While our reach spans North America, we prioritize serving a 4-hour driving radius from our location. This strategic approach allows us to offer rapid response times, on-site support, and a level of personalized service that truly makes a difference.

At PQ, Inc., we're not just building gauges and fixtures; we're building relationships, reliability, and results. Join us on this journey as we continue to raise the bar for proactive quality and redefine the standards of excellence.

Ready to experience the PQ difference? Get in touch today.

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accreditated

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